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Today I tried my first beyond burger and it was amazing I can already feel the tiddies growing

My gender is: beatmanis IDX - smooooch ・∀・

Also I'll have the first call with the LGBT group of the company and I'm excited pog

So I contacted the "Diversity and Inclusion" board in my company to ask about transition support and I'll have a call with them on tuesday I'm scared but also pog

I'm at a work meeting in the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper and for some reason Born This Way is blasting and I don't know what is happening

Am I supposed to start voguing or something

I'm starting to think I have some kind of b12 deficiency
Veganism is cool but em folates really don't wanna be in veggies

I'm feeling like I'm on autopilot rn and I'm watching myself from a distance, my head feels light and I feel a void behind my eyeballs

Wtf is going on

I'm becoming a lot more aware of when I'm dissociating like wtf

Also, what world could we use? Something like Black Cat?

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