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I deleted the bridge while putting it into a git repo.


For anyone following me on mastodon and wondering why I'm rambling without any context

1) I'm just like this
2) Most of that stuff comes from the telegram channel, I should make a separate account (or just add something to make them distinguishable) lol

It's even worse because I haven't implemented media yet

It's bitter as fuck

Just like a real kernel panic

Today I tried my first beyond burger and it was amazing I can already feel the tiddies growing

My gender is: beatmanis IDX - smooooch ・∀・

Also I'll have the first call with the LGBT group of the company and I'm excited pog

So I contacted the "Diversity and Inclusion" board in my company to ask about transition support and I'll have a call with them on tuesday I'm scared but also pog

I'm at a work meeting in the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper and for some reason Born This Way is blasting and I don't know what is happening

Am I supposed to start voguing or something

I'm starting to think I have some kind of b12 deficiency
Veganism is cool but em folates really don't wanna be in veggies

I'm feeling like I'm on autopilot rn and I'm watching myself from a distance, my head feels light and I feel a void behind my eyeballs

Wtf is going on

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